Suite of Services

Edit Write Online proofreads and edits the following documents:

  • personal and business correspondence
  • term papers, theses and dissertations, including citations and bibliography
  • essays and articles
  • short stories and manuscripts, fiction or nonfiction
  • business reports
  • grant proposals
  • legal briefs
  • résumés
  • Web site content  
  • newsletters and brochures
  • product manuals
  • most other forms of writing

To learn more about our suite of services, please select from below:

Editing Services

Edit Write Online's standard editing services include proofreading and general copyediting of documents that require mild to moderate corrections in spelling, word usage, English grammar, punctuation, and errors generally missed by spell-check or grammar-check software. Edit Write Online will thoroughly examine the text sentence by sentence, make the necessary revisions and return the document to you ready for presentation.

Rewriting Services

Edit Write Online offers rewriting of a wide range of documents that require substantive editing of English grammar, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure, style and the larger elements of composition including paragraph structure and transitions and the document's overall organization of ideas and presentation. Rewriting might also include corrections involving footnotes or endnotes with corresponding bibliographical entries in a particular citation style. Projects that require a lengthy document be cut and reshaped to a prescribed word or page count are also included in Edit Write Online's rewriting services.

Research and Writing Services

Edit Write Online provides research and fact-checking services, as well as writing services from a customer-provided outline or rough draft. Edit Write Online utilizes a broad range of veritable research and fact-checking sources to develop and support a topic. Edit Write Online will write a document to customer specifications and fashion the content and language to the target audience. From a client-submitted rough draft or outline, Edit Write Online will shape your ideas into a incisive topic, limit the scope of the topic to the length of the paper, arrange the ideas into a cohesive, engaging and convincing sequence in accordance with the subject and purpose of the project, and, to the extent applicable and if approved by the client, substantiate your ideas with additional research and citation of references, as well as apply all the necessary ingredients and larger elements of English composition including grammar, punctuation, spelling, diction, sentence and paragraph structure, logical transitions and overall presentation. In short, Edit Write Online will transform your preliminary sketch into a cohesive final draft that meets professional standards and is ready for reader presentation. Edit Write Online's writing services include researching and writing Web content, but do not include Web design. Edit Write Online's services do not include the creative writing of fiction or poetry.

Edit Write Online's research and writing services are not offered to students. Students are responsible for the research, content and composition of their own papers. Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use.

For All Editing and Writing Services

Edit Write Online uses the preferred professional writer's format of PC Microsoft Word/Office to edit, rewrite and write customer-submitted projects, however accepts files in other PC compatible word processing programs if you save and upload your document in RTF (rich text format). 

The customer has the option of requesting the document be delivered either in its final form or with editing changes and annotations indicated with MS Word's "Track Changes" feature, which highlights additions or deletions in red text, and "Comments" feature, which cites editorial comments in red balloons in the margin to the right of the text. Note that whereas the latter option allows the client the freedom to "Accept" or "Reject" editing and rewriting changes at his or her discretion, these features assume knowledge of MS Word. Also bear in mind that the "Track Changes" and "Comments" features are exclusive to MS Word and can not be accessed in most other formats. With the "Track Changes" feature, the client will receive his or her original draft, the final marked version, and a final draft ready for presentation. Customers who prefer corrections made directly on the original document should always retain a file of the original draft to compare to the Edit Write Online final draft.

Edit Write Online adheres to the Modern Language Association or MLA documentation style typically used in academic and business writing, but other styles, such as those used in the social and physical sciences, and the Chicago Manual of Style, used in the publishing of non-scholarly materials, can be applied upon request.

  I really appreciate the great job Edit Write Online has done to polish the written content of my upcoming Web site. Your excellent writing and editing skills added professionalism to my documents. You have been a great help. Thank you!  

Lili Anne L., artist