Fees and Payments
Edit Write Online charges affordable fees for its quality services. Because each project is customized to the unique needs of the client and quality is a top priority, fees are assessed in accordance with the size of the document, the density of the language, the complexity of the content, the amount of services needed to complete the job, and the requested delivery date.

For fee guidelines, please select from the following services:

Proofreading and Standard Copyediting Services

Fees for proofreading and standard copyediting range from $2.50 to $5.00 per double-spaced page for a three- to five-day delivery date, with a $20.00 minimum. RUSH 24-hour or 48-hour proofreading and standard copyediting services range from $5.00 to $12.00 per double-spaced page, depending on the amount of editing necessary to produce a clean copy, with a minimum of $20.00 per job. Fees are based on PC-formatted documents with one-inch margins, in 12-point font, approximately 250 words per page.

Substantive Editing, Rewriting and Fact-Checking Services

Substantive editing, rewriting and fact checking services are charged on an hourly basis at $40.00 per hour, generally amounting to $6.00 to $20.00 per page, depending on the writer's needs. RUSH service is available for substantive editing and rewriting, however is contingent on the length and complexity of the document.

Research and Writing Services

The more complex and time-consuming services of research and writing from a client-submitted outline or rough draft are charged on an hourly basis at $40.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum. Projects that require writing or research services must be submitted well in advance of the due date. Edit Write Online will advise as to the amount of time available to complete the project. For major or ongoing projects, a payment schedule can be arranged, with the final balance due upon completion and before delivery. Research and writing services can be discussed and arranged by contacting the editor.

To obtain an obligation-free price quote:
Visit the submit document page and our Customer Information form will guide you through the process: upload your document with a brief description of the project, including the number of pages and line spacing or the word count, the type of services you think best suits your needs, the delivery date, and any special instructions or concerns. Edit Write Online will e-mail you a price quote within 24 hours.

Placing an order is fast and easy:
Once Edit Write Online has reviewed your submitted document, we will e-mail you a price quote and invoice tailored to your individual project for your approval, with a "Pay Now" PayPal option. Make your payment securely online through PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards whether or not you have a PayPal account. Once payment is received, services will begin. Your revised copy will be delivered to you by the specified delivery date. Method of delivery for all services is fast and efficient electronic transfer.

The fee quoted in Edit Write Online's price quote and invoice is a good-faith estimate based on information provided by the client, so please be as accurate as possible in the description of your project. Should any further costs arise for editing, rewriting, fact checking, research or writing services, the customer will be informed before being charged any additional fees. If the customer approves of the additional services, the fee is prepaid before work continues. If you have any questions at any time prior to your delivery date or wish to inquire as to the status of your document, contact us via e-mail at editor@editwriteonline.com.

  From letters to articles, essays to résumés, Edit Write Online is committed to providing customers a quality and dependable editing and writing service tailored to the unique needs of each client at competitive rates.   

R. L. Kieffer, Editor
Edit Write Online

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